Immigrate to South Africa – Visa Information Needed

immigrate to South Africa

Immigrate to South Africa – What is a South African Retired Permit/Visa?

For most foreigners, South Africa is a place of beauty, rich culture, majestic wildlife and immeasurable mountain ranges and oceans. Many foreigners wish to immigrate to South Africa, and dream of retiring in this breathtaking country. As many countries are not retired resident friendly (namely, the age of retirement (i.e. 60 – 65 years old) is to be reached before the retired permit/visa can be applied for), the Republic is known to be retired resident friendly – as there is no age minimum or maximum requirements.

Foreigners who wish to retire in and immigrate to South Africa have the option of applying for a retired permit/visa. This permit/visa is issued to those foreigners wishing to reside in the country for a period longer than 6 months. This permit/visa is divided into two categories – South African temporary residence and permanent residence – both can be applied for and obtained if the requirements are met.

How Long is a South African Retired Visa Permit/Valid For?

As this retired permit/visa category is divided into two sections – temporary and permanent residence, the validity for both sections differ considerably.

Temporary Residence based on this category permit/visa can be issued up to a maximum period of 4 years – provided the requirements are met. The general validity of this permit/visa is 1 – 4 years in order to reside in South Africa. This permit/visa can be renewed if the requirements are met for the new application.

Permanent Residence based on this category permit/visa, although the process can take longer than normal, this permit/visa is as it states – “permanent”. Therefore, once received, the holder would be seen as a normal resident of South Africa, with the only exception of not being able to vote in a democratic election or hold a South African passport.

What Are The Requirements for a South African Retired Permit/Visa?

There are a number of requirements that are identical for both temporary and permanent residence based on this category, such as a medical report, radiological report, police clearances, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, etc.

The core requirement for this permit/visa application is based on financial proof – a prescribed amount is required to be proven in a few ways in order to obtain this permit/visa.

The financial requirements differ slightly with regards to a temporary residence and permanent residence, the break down is below:

  • Temporary Residence permit/visa – the financial requirements that are required to be proven is as follows – the prescribed amount of R 20,000 is to be proven on a monthly basis, per applicant for a maximum period of 4 years. Therefore, if a couple is applying for a temporary residence retired permit/visa, R 40,000 per month is required to be proven for four years.
  • Permanent Residence permit/visa – the financial requirements are that are required to be proven is as follows – the prescribed amount of R 20,000 is to be proven on a monthly basis, per applicant, life-long income. Therefore, if a couple wants to apply for permanent residence based on the retired category, the couple would need to prove a monthly income of R 40,000 that is life-long income.
  • If one applicant can prove the prescribed amount for permanent residence based on this permit/visa category – the spouse or partner (if married / in a permanent relationship for 5 years and older), the spouse or partner can apply simultaneously as an accompanying foreign spouse to the applicant.

What is Financial Proof Accepted for The South African Retired Permit/Visa?

A temporary residence permit/visa has a maximum validity period of four years, the financial proof accepted by the South African Department of Home Affairs would include, cash assets (bank statements), capital, investments, actual rental income or pension income.

Permanent residence permit/visa requires proof of life-long income, therefore the financial proof accepted by the South African Department of Home Affairs would include, investment income (fixed interest), actual rental income or pension income. No capital or cash assets would be accepted for this application.

Is a Holder of a South African Retired Permit/Visa Able to Work, Study or Operate a Business?

As the temporary residence permit/visa alone does not allow the holder to work in or immigrate to South Africa. An endorsement to work would be required to be added to this permit, allowing the holder to work within the Republic. Employment is required to be in place before this endorsement can be issued.

Studying and operating a business within South Africa while holding a temporary residence retired permit/visa is not permitted.

As South Africa is a retired resident friendly country, many foreigners are flocking to immigrate to South Africa, this is possible no matter what your age – beauty and serene living are waiting to be explored.

Painting Contractors: Finding The Best For Your Next Project

painting contractors

Painting the exterior is one of the best ways to renovate the look of the house instantly. Therefore, everyone wants to hire the best painting contractors in town. However, many people do not know the basic principles of hiring a good contractor. Nevertheless, if you follow a few smart tips, you can instantly find a good contractor. Therefore, here are the three basic tips that would help you find a decent painting contractor in your town:

Tip # 1: Friends & Family

The first thing you need to do is ask for referrals. Ask from a friend or a relative who recently had an exterior paint job at their house. In this way, you can have a better understanding of the painting contractor they had for their house. You will be able to analyze the services offered by a particular contractor and if those services are good enough to impress you.

Similarly, you will be able to make painting estimates and calculate the time it will take to complete the contract for you. Finally, if the services and charges of a contractor satisfied the customer earlier, then it gives a clear sign that you should contact the contractor and ask for further details for your contract.

Tip # 2: Previous Contracts of The Painting Contractors

The best way to analyze the work quality of a contractor is to ask them for their earlier completed contracts. You can even ask them for pictures of a house before the paint job and after the paint job. This will tell you that what you should expect from a particular contractor. Therefore, if you decide that the contractor is good enough to carry out a project as it is as you have imagined in your mind, then you can hire that contractor.

On the contrary, even if the charges are low, but the painting contractor’s service quality is not up to the standards, then it would be a wise decision to find another contractor. Therefore, you should visit at least five or six contractors and ask for their portfolios before making your final decision. However, you should also consider the service charges against the quality of work of each contractor. In this way, you will be able to come up with a decision that will give you the best value for your money.

Tip # 3: Warranty

You should always choose a contractor that stands by his work. It means that if a contractor is really a professional who is confident about his services, then he will stand by his work and offer a money back guarantee for his work. There are many experienced professionals who offer as much as three years of warranty for their project.

On the other hand, most unprofessional and inexperienced contractors avoid offering warranties because of the lack of their quality. Hence, you can consider warranty as a tool to distinguish between a professional and unprofessional contractor.

All in all, if you carry out a brief research before hiring painting contractors, you can hire a decent contractor at a very reasonable cost.

Business Plans – Crucial To Your Success

As the name implies, a business plan is a detailed copy of your goals, aims and strategies to run a successful business.

While writing a business plan is not something that everyone looks forward to, having a business plan is important for any business, because after a period of time, you can analyze your business, the costs involved, marketing, employee cost and basically each and every facet of the business. This enables you to approach everything in a systematic way, it also gives you some form of direction. All organizations and firms have a business plan, or if they don’t then they definitely should. A nightclub business plan, a record label business plan, a photography business plan and even a business resumption plan, all aim to bring about some semblance of order, into your business. It’s not possible to run a business without a business plan. Basically planning is crucial to any business.

Another reason why you need a business plan is to get financing. Any bank or lender that you plan to approach for financial assistance, will need to see your plan so that they know that your serious and what you envisage for your company or organization a year from borrowing. In addition, having a business plan, also proves to them that you have done the necessary background research, to make sure that they’ve covered all grounds.

If you’re not sure how to write a business plan, you can refer to the business plans for dummies. Nowadays, people have realized this need for business plans, and many have gotten together into the business of writing business plans for organizations, individuals and anyone who needs these. All you need to do is send them some of the basic information and they’ll be able to develop a business plan for you from scratch. For start-up businesses, who find it expensive to use the services of such organizations, the business plan for dummies is their best bet. This gives you a brief idea of how to start with your business plan, what are the things that you need to cover, and other such relevant details. You’ll also find a number of sample business plans on the Internet, and these prove to be quite useful as well.

So, whether it’s a business resumption plan or a record label business plan, these plans act as a reality check, performance indicator, motivation and a whole lot of other beneficial features that help you map your business to success.