Getting Serious About Backpacking Accessories


Backpacking Accessories

Now we all know the ladies love nothing better than accessories, whether it’s earrings, necklaces, new fingernails or studs. A lot of time is often invested into choosing the right accessories for the right occasion. That’s not to say men are any less into accessorizing than women. Somehow it’s because of the fashion trend that they follow, or it gives off their own fashion sense. However a person decides to present themselves, accessories are a vital part of adding personality and character to any look.

Whatever you’re wearing, wherever you’re going, if you think about it, you’ll notice that there are always specific accessories you have, or need for the occasion. Even when it comes to backpacking, accessories are a must. Although, the rule of thumb in backpacking is, the lighter the better, you will often find your accessories are just the thing you need in a tricky situation, the vital part of your kit that saves the trip.

Backpacking accessories are more of the “useful” and “practical” stuff. They may come in different shapes, models, and sizes. There’s actually no need to get too excited when purchasing your gear, it may just be a simple add-on to the usual backpacking things and stuff brought, but in a way, it still enhances it. Some valuable accessories to include in your pack are: a good, solid compass and map (or maps depending on how much distance you’ll be covering,) a cap for protection from the sun, a beanie for the cold, a pocket knife, a drink bottle, and of course a good, compact first aid kit. As space and weight is an obvious factor in choosing your kit, try and buy accessories specifically designed for backpackers. Most good accessories will be made of lightweight materials, easily compacted if applicable, and ideally have multiple uses.

Your extra accessories may just save the day at some stage along the way. Just think of what Mcgyver could do with a piece of string, a paper clip and a toothpick, now that’s accessorizing.

Some good ideas to include in your backpack are

  • A Swiss Army Knife
  • A lighter or waterproof matches
  • First aid kit
  • Cross word or puzzle book (for those long unexpected waits for delayed flights or buses)
  • A Drink Bottle
  • A good pair of sunglasses
  • A cap for sun-protection
  • Sunscreen
  • Beanie for colder weather conditions
  • A travel diary can be good, to keep track of your movements for the future
  • A digital camera

Obviously these are just some of the main accessories to consider. visit your local tramping or hiking store to get some good ideas about what you may need along the way. Remember though, don’t get to carried away. There’s no point spending two grand on gear if you’re not going to have room for it in your pack.

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